District 9 1/8 Scale Unlimited Roster 

Our Scale Unlimited Registry is closer to being current. It will continuously update when information is obtained about new boats.. If you have a Scale in District 9 please contact Randy Dashiell and arrangements will be made to get a picture of you with your boat and the corresponding information to the boat. If you already have a picture of your boat please e-mail Randy at w6tyv@starband.net

NAMBA Scale Unlimited Rules

2005 Scale Unlimited Roster

District 9 Scale Unlimited News

U-60 Miss Thriftway  1955

U-99 Short Circuit  1957

U- 101 Miss Wahoo 1959

  U-3   Tahoe Miss  1963

U-21  $ Bill    1965

U-77    Miss Chrysler Crew   1966

U-40  Miss Bardahl  1967

U-1    Miss Bardahl      1968

U-25 Pride of Pay N' Pak 1969

U-00    Pay N' Pak  Lil' Buzzard   1970

U-2           Miss U.S.         1974

U-55  Lincoln Thrift  1974

U-64 Miss Esquire Products  1977

U-13     AB Natural Light     1977

U-4  Squire Shop  1978

U-4  Miss Century 21  1979

U-4  Miss KWWW   1980

U-55    Oh Boy Oberto  1982

U-1  Miss Budweiser  1985 

U-711 Miss 7-11    1986

U-1  Miller American 1986

U-10     Cellular One    1987

U-00  Miss Circus Circus  1988

U-00   Miller High Life  1988

U-21        Eliminator        1988

U-31    Miss Circus Circus   1989

U-10 Winston Eagle "Lobster" 1989

U-146 Heartbreaker's Gentlemen's Club  1989

U-1  Miss Budweiser  1994

U-10      Smokin' Joes     1995

U-20 Appian Jeronimo  1999

U-9   Miss Exide    1994

U-8   LLumar   1999

U-16 Miss Elam Plus  1999

U-16 Miss Elam Plus  2000

U-10     York Interntaional      2000

U-1 Miss Budweiser T5   2001